Are you searching for the wedding gown you’ve only seen in movies or museums? Are you obsessed with Jane Austen? Devoted to the Civil War? Revel in the Renaissance?

Welcome to Circa Designs, where our specialty is creating the dress that is impossible to find in the stores. We conjure and recreate the one that got away to history, that glorious costume of corsets, petticoats, heels and hats--the dream of your future filtered through the elegant feminine silhouettes of the past. We invite you in, to look at our designs, and to dream up some of your own. Then, contact our designer who can spin a tale out of silk, linen, and lace to match your romantic dreams and musings.

You can be queen for a day—your special day that goes beyond “dressing up” to an unforgettable moment of timeless luxury and grace.

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